Adventure Park Etna

The Adventure Park Etna is the largest adventure park in South Italy with 15 true trails, excluding the various individual attractions such as Top Climbing, Boulder, Test Area etc. All trails are equipped with a continuous line of life or intelligent carabiner Clic-it, the only intelligent carabiners to be equated to a continuous line of life according to the new adventure park regulations.

There are 2 climbing walls (soon there will be a third): a bouldering for children and teenagers to do without the harness, and the other high 13mt to do with automatic harness and safety that also offers the adrenaline chance of a Throw in the vacuum.

Made in the pinewood of the Scarbaglio Park in the municipality of Milo, the Etna Adventure Park is made up of a series of acrobatic high-altitude paths made of suspended trees between trees, which differ in height, difficulty and effort required.
These are playful and sporty paths to face in complete autonomy and safety, under the constant vigilance and guidance of our instructors, where you can test your balance, speed, ability to overcome obstacles and the urge to venture.

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