Forza d'Agrò

Just reach by car via the SS.114 to Cape S. Alessio and then continuing along the left fork.
In summer, you can reach by bus from Taormina.A near Cape St. Alexis, on the extreme edge of the crown of the north east of the Taurus, Forza d'Agro stands at 420m. s.l.m.

Much for its history, it arouses interest, as for the many memories of a past full of art and fame, still alive today with beautiful reflections in the surviving monuments: The Cathedral of 1700, the Church of the Holy Trinity of 1576, the Church of St. Francis of the sixteenth century and especially the twelfth century Norman castle. that, according to tradition, was built by Count Roger the Great.

It is situated on the highest and most inaccessible of the Valley, and can be reached at the end of a long and steep stone stairway. Since 1876, the area of the castle was used as a cemetery.